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How to Protect Yourself from Bunions

A bunion is a bony growth that develops at the base of your big toe, where it connects with your foot. These form over long periods of time, generally brought on by years of improper use of your feet. A regular foot massage from our Mercer Island foot massage clinic can go a long way towards preventing this unfortunate condition, but you can also take the following measures in between your appointments:

  • Try to keep your foot muscles strong and flexible with regular exercises. For example, you might teach yourself to pick up small objects with your toes.
  • Bad footwear can take its toll on your feet in the form of bunions. Women in particular should remember that high heels and narrow-toed shoes, though attractive, are not terribly healthy.
  • As is generally the case, your family history can be indicative of your potential to develop bunions. If you have relatives who suffer from bunions, take particular care of your own feet.