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Relax with Breathing Exercises

Breathing is a great way to make yourself relax.  You might have experienced this if you’ve ever had a treatment at our Mercer Island foot massage clinic; when you tense up during a massage, you may have been instructed to take a deep breath and let out out slowly.  This is because breathing deeply is one of the best ways to slow your heart and calm your muscles.

At home, you can engage in deep-breathing exercises to foster relaxation and help avoid excess tension in your back.  Here is a simple exercise you can try:

  • Get comfortable in a chair or on your bed, sitting or lying down, with one hand on your belly and the other on your chest.
  • Inhale deeply and slowly, and feel your belly push your hand up.  You should not feel your chest rise.  You want to inhale through your nose, as this serves to filter the air.
  • Let your breath out slowly through your mouth, pursing your lips so you can hear the air rushing out.  Breathing audibly helps you focus on your breathing.  Feel as your belly goes in, and use your hand to push the rest of the air out.
  • Repeat these steps three to ten times.