Staying On Top of Fallen Arches

When you look at the inside of the average foot, you should see a curve along the middle. This is called the arch. It is held up by a series of muscles and tendons which, unfortunately, are not invulnerable. Too much strain on this arch can cause it to collapse, resulting in a condition we call fallen arches. Our Mercer Island foot massage clinic can help you to avoid fallen arches, starting with the following tips:

First of all, you want to be aware of your risk factor for fallen arches. Though anyone can experience fallen arches, they are more common among obese individuals, people suffering from diabetes, pregnant women, and the elderly. You are also at risk if your feet undergo a lot of strain, so you should take care if you experience a lot of pain in your feet after your daily activities.

If you think you may be at risk of fallen arches, or if you think you might already have fallen arches, there are many options for treatment. In moderate cases, you may only need to rest your feet, ice the area, practice some simple stretching exercises, and maybe change your footwear. Should you have a severe case, your doctor may recommend a surgical solution. Consult a medical professional for more information.